Cycle Products West Replica Jersey


Cycle Products West Replica Jersey

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If you were a kid in the early 70's. and were into motocross. you virtually devoured every issue of Dirt Bike Magazine. One of the advertisers you would have seen was Cycle Products West. CPW was a West L.A. shop that starting doing mail-order, then added some of their own branded product. They also sponsored a team, whose riders were often used as testers for the magazine.

Their riders wore one of the most iconic jerseys of the day: the knobby tire track theme. Easily recognized from a distance, it was cool back then, and even cooler now!

  • Micro-birdseye vented, moisture wicking fabric keeps you running cool.
  • Vintage correct foam padded elbows.
  • Drop-tail cut in the back to keep your jersey tucked in.
  • Wide cuff design allows you to push it up you forearm to securely wear it as 3/4 sleeve style.

Fitment Help

All Reign jerseys are cut to allow armor to be worn underneath, so there's typically no need to buy a size larger to accommodate it. Just order your normal size